Artisan Made launches with first Artisan Made Philippines (AMP) Capsule Collection

On Saturday, October 1st, Artisan Made Philippines launched in Los Angeles (Marina Del Rey / Venice), CA with an Eco fashion show that featured social enterprise brands from the Philippines. 

photo by @shopbefancy
photo by @beryldesign

ANTHILL, R2R, Filip+Inna, & Woven were prominently featured during the fashion show.  Each piece in the Artisan Made Philippines Capsule Collection represents the beautiful, handcrafted, hand woven & artisan made products made by Philippine Social Enterprises & brands that are helping to create, sustain, uplift & improve the lives of the artisans creating each piece.  

From creating weaving centers through a Back to the Loom project (Filip + Inna), to creating a better future for the artisans and nanays (mothers) of Payatas (via R2R-Rags2Riches) & creating master & apprentice programs to cultivate & continue to keep indigenous weaving traditions alive and thriving (ANTHILL), and working hand in hand with the embroiders, sewers & weavers of Basey using tikog leaves & natural materials to create beautiful products (Woven), we at Artisan Made Philippines are proud & excited to share these products with you here in the US & beyond.

Role Models* for the fashion show included Mayor Ivan Altamirano sporting hand woven bow ties by anthill.Gladys Nyoth, founder MBombo, an innovative dining experience focused on sharing about the cuisine & regions of Africa.

photo by Mike Matarraza

make up by Marissa Ortiz of MLO Makeup
Role Models Alison Burger, Kayla Swift, Sami Jo

Role Models* included Tamara Mena, spokesperson & host of “Beauty on Wheels” shown here with Anya Lim, Co-Founder of Anthill & Kristine R. Surla, Founder & Creative Director of Artisan Made Philippines.

The Artisan Made Philippines Capsule Collection is now available online (in very limited quantities) at: 

Check it out & let us know what inspires you! 


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