Month: July 2016

Artisan Made focused on the triple bottom line

Caring about our planet. Being aware about what our purchase has contributed to. Leading from the heart and acting out of love. 

Simplicity. Joy. Abundance for all.  Make every purchase a conscious decision to make a difference.  

That is what Artisan Made breathes into life. 

We curate hand made & artisan made products from around the world with a focus on supporting Social Enterprises making a positive impact in the lives of artisans and the communities they work in partnership with.

Launching with a curated list of products from the Social Enterprise community of the Philippines in 2016, Artisan Made Philippines focus is on beautifully designed artisan made pieces.  Each piece ties to a story of the community, organization and people that made the product.

Many are one of a kind. All are beautiful, high caliber and made with utmost care & quality helping to preserve, support, sustain, inspire & uplift communities that we partner & collaborate with.

So next time you make a purchase  remember to ask: 

“Who made this product?”  

“Has it or does it improve a persons life?”  

“Does it support traditional or indigenous trades & craftsmanship?”


“How am I making a difference by purchasing this product?”

Please Join us on October 1st 2016 for the launch of Artisan Made Philippines! 

Because what you buy matters.