Artisan Made PH featured on ABS-CBN News 

We are excited to share this little feature by ABS-CBN News re: the “Artisan Made PH movement”.

Special thanks to Steve Angeles who covered our launch event & for this feature. 

Check it out! Artisan Made in the News


Artisan Made + The Mercantile Event

Join us on Sunday, December 4th at The Mercantile Event. Let us know if you’d like to come & get discounted tickets if you’re added on the Artisan Made guestlist.

We will have beautiful Artisan Made products such as:

Bow Ties

Men’s TiesClothes & Accessories

Hope to see you there! 

Artisan Made launches with first Artisan Made Philippines (AMP) Capsule Collection

On Saturday, October 1st, Artisan Made Philippines launched in Los Angeles (Marina Del Rey / Venice), CA with an Eco fashion show that featured social enterprise brands from the Philippines. 

photo by @shopbefancy
photo by @beryldesign

ANTHILL, R2R, Filip+Inna, & Woven were prominently featured during the fashion show.  Each piece in the Artisan Made Philippines Capsule Collection represents the beautiful, handcrafted, hand woven & artisan made products made by Philippine Social Enterprises & brands that are helping to create, sustain, uplift & improve the lives of the artisans creating each piece.  

From creating weaving centers through a Back to the Loom project (Filip + Inna), to creating a better future for the artisans and nanays (mothers) of Payatas (via R2R-Rags2Riches) & creating master & apprentice programs to cultivate & continue to keep indigenous weaving traditions alive and thriving (ANTHILL), and working hand in hand with the embroiders, sewers & weavers of Basey using tikog leaves & natural materials to create beautiful products (Woven), we at Artisan Made Philippines are proud & excited to share these products with you here in the US & beyond.

Role Models* for the fashion show included Mayor Ivan Altamirano sporting hand woven bow ties by anthill.Gladys Nyoth, founder MBombo, an innovative dining experience focused on sharing about the cuisine & regions of Africa.

photo by Mike Matarraza

make up by Marissa Ortiz of MLO Makeup
Role Models Alison Burger, Kayla Swift, Sami Jo

Role Models* included Tamara Mena, spokesperson & host of “Beauty on Wheels” shown here with Anya Lim, Co-Founder of Anthill & Kristine R. Surla, Founder & Creative Director of Artisan Made Philippines.

The Artisan Made Philippines Capsule Collection is now available online (in very limited quantities) at: 

Check it out & let us know what inspires you! 

Artisan Made focused on the triple bottom line

Caring about our planet. Being aware about what our purchase has contributed to. Leading from the heart and acting out of love. 

Simplicity. Joy. Abundance for all.  Make every purchase a conscious decision to make a difference.  

That is what Artisan Made breathes into life. 

We curate hand made & artisan made products from around the world with a focus on supporting Social Enterprises making a positive impact in the lives of artisans and the communities they work in partnership with.

Launching with a curated list of products from the Social Enterprise community of the Philippines in 2016, Artisan Made Philippines focus is on beautifully designed artisan made pieces.  Each piece ties to a story of the community, organization and people that made the product.

Many are one of a kind. All are beautiful, high caliber and made with utmost care & quality helping to preserve, support, sustain, inspire & uplift communities that we partner & collaborate with.

So next time you make a purchase  remember to ask: 

“Who made this product?”  

“Has it or does it improve a persons life?”  

“Does it support traditional or indigenous trades & craftsmanship?”


“How am I making a difference by purchasing this product?”

Please Join us on October 1st 2016 for the launch of Artisan Made Philippines! 

Because what you buy matters. 

Artisan Made Philippines

Artisan Made aims to bring the beauty, craftsmanship & ingenuity of Artisan Made products from the Philippines to the world stage.

The vision is to elevate “Made in the Philippines” to fully embody & exemplify the fine craftsmanship, skill, ingenuity and creativity of the Filipino people.

Join us during the month of October to experience the first Artisan Made Philippines Capsule Collection, Eco Fashion Show, Founders Speaker Series & Kamayan Style Dinner!

Get your event tickets at: Artisan Made Philippines Pop Up Event


to collaborate, participate & work towards elevating, supporting and expanding the lives of all people through art, design, cooperation & fun!